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Calderys launches CALDE® Smart Lens to enhance customer support capabilities through remote technical services
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Jan. 6, 2022 - As an unprecedented challenge, COVID-19 has been pushing companies to rethink how they communicate with and support customers around the world. CALDE® Smart Lens uses specially adapted smart glasses and encrypted wireless communication to provide responsive technical support to customer sites, wherever they are located.

Calderys serves the Iron & Steel, Foundry and Thermal industries, and successful installation trials have already been completed within thermal plants and foundries. It is now being rolled out more largely across the industries.

CALDE® Smart Lens allows the wearer at the customer site to receive remote advice and guidance from a Calderys technical expert. Not only can the technical expert see what the wearer is seeing and speak with them, CALDE® Smart lens uses augmented reality (AR) to allow the expert to annotate the wearer’s display, share screens or upload and work on documents – all to help guide the wearer in whatever task is required. CALDE® Smart Lens’ features include noise cancelling and dust / waterproof technologies. All data is transmitted with end-to-end encryption to ensure customer data remains secure.

Dr. Dirk Holland, Technical Support Director at Calderys, says: “CALDE® Smart Lens provides a level of customer support that both complements our product portfolio and goes beyond what is possible with traditional methods. It makes our global network of expertise more available to our customers – and does so in a safe way that is quicker and environmentally responsible. In doing so, it goes to the heart of what we believe digitalization should be about and places customer needs at the heart of innovation.”


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